5 Ways To Teach Kids To Use Technology Safely

Most parents in the past did not have today’s technology either in schools or at homes. However currently there has been new technological advancements accessible to everyone including kids. While technology can be integral to kids especially to their education, there are also dangers associated with exposure of technology to the young kids. It is in this regard we should teach kids safely how to use technology. Kids should however not be barred from access to technological devices since now technology is paramount in today’s world.

We should remember that being conversant with the use of internet in the world is an important life skill which ought to be mastered by everyone in order to excel and be productive in today’s society. We should therefore embrace technology and teach our kids how to safely do it. Currently we are at a time where learning has been enhanced in manners which can’t be possible without application of technology. Most schools are providing each student a device for information access, course participation, research purposes, homework and more importantly engagement with classmates and teachers.
However sight of larger implications of allowing young kids to have access to technology cannot be lost. Thinking beyond education benefits derived from technology must be taken into account. It is therefore important to help teach kids on issues regarding safety, conduct and manners as far as internet use is concerned. Here are 5 ways to teach kids use technology safely.


This can be done in schools either through a formal or informal set up. Parents are encouraged to be part and parcel of this program or are advised to encourage behaviors which are right with their kids at home. Acknowledgement or awards may be given to individual students or groups for these accomplishments. This can be organized yearly. With this kids are encouraged to come up with positive ideas in using technology especially if this achievements are displayed in the school’s online communication.


Parents and schools are not supposed to limit the discussion of having access to technology to being just safe and responsible, but rather the kids should be successful users of the technology. Establish ways to use technology in projects or any activity driven by the school. This can be achieved by coming up with contests about blogging or raising some awareness by use of social media. With this kids can embrace safe and responsible use of technology.


Kids should be warned about the dangers posed by internet. They should be regularly reminded on how to exhibit safe online behaviours. You should be approachable as a parent such that the kid can feel at ease coming to you with any problem experienced in the course of their internet use. Teach the kids that they should never agree to a private chat with a complete stranger and neither shall they their home address or mobile numbers online for anybody to see.


Kids should not just plainly taught the rules of being safe with technology but also you have to spend time with them to show them that when it comes to matters internet, you’re the person to be trusted most. Establish a good line of communication with your kids as they can raise any concern they might have, and with this using technology with safety is nothing other than an assurance.


Your kids can be allowed to have free online time like say 30 to 45 minutes after school for playing games, messaging friends and maybe visiting some social networking sites. However it should be a rule that at dinner is when family time commences. After that the computer will solely be used for homework. It is important to note that you should know who your kid is communicating with online. It must be only the people they have met in person.
The work of teaching kids how to safely, appropriately and responsibly use technology may daunt especially when the children look better at it more than you, but it still remains our obligation to make technology a tool our kids can use as an instrument of excellence and also more importantly responsibly and safely.