Clash Of Clans Child Addiction Review

Clash Of Clans

The invasion of modern technology has greatly affected our society today. As much as it has helped in some platforms, there are some places this new invasion has contributed negatively. Online games are no exception. Have you installed any games on your android phone?

Well, in this articles we are going to review on clash of clans and how kids are now addicted to it.

Clash of clans is an online video game where players are given a chance to build their village by buying items from the shop which is just situated in a game. Players are also given an opportunity to build their own army and then battle with other armies across the world. You don’t really need real money to purchase these items; there are currencies within the game such as gold and gems.

This game is widely known across the world and very many people are now playing it. Kids are not left out since most of them have become addicts.

As a parent, it’s quite frustrating seeing your child investing all his time playing a video game instead of concentrating on books. This is the time to be concerned since a little obsession leads to addiction.

The game was created for a player to attack its opponent’s village. As a parent you may find this idea of conducting an attack very offensive and you wouldn’t wish your kid to involve himself in such games.

One thing about this game is it allows you to play with very many people across the world. In most cases they are strangers. You know how kids are, they don’t really mind about this and they can simply enter into a clan with someone they barely know. Parents should set restrictions and only make sure your child plays with someone he knows.

It’s not easy to fight addiction and it would be very mean of you as a parent if you tell your child not to participate in that game again. You can simply set a strict time limit for your child and let him know that he’s only allowed to play during his free time. Simply set specific times that he can only play after doing his homework.

Clash of clans has chat features and players can indulge in conversations by simply clicking the chat tab. You know how kids are; they tend to enjoy connecting with friend in social media. Parents should always do some follow up and make sure your child’s chats are very appropriate and only chats with his age mates.

Very many kids have become addicts to the extent they use money to purchase items. This is a sign of irresponsibility if a child can spend on a mere game instead of saving. This is the time parents should set restrictions on their kids’ devices and make sure they are only allowed to make purchases by using gold and gems.

Fighting addiction is not an easy task. Many kids have become very obsessed with video games and this has greatly led to poor performance in schools. Parents need to be patient with their children and encourage them. Let them know aside from video games, there are some outdoor activities they can do. This tends to slowly draw their attention.

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