Deleting Apps from your Mobile Device

In case you aren’t familiar, here’s brief information about how to delete an app from your mobile device. A good thing to know in case you find one of those undesirable apps on your child’s device.

There are two way to delete an app from an Apple device. You can delete it directly from the device, or you can delete it from your iTunes account on your computer.

Delete an app from an iPhone, iPod or iPad devices:

Step 1:

Press and hold your finger over any app on your home screen until you see all the icons start to jiggle.

Step 2:

As they are in this “jiggle” state, you will notice there is an ‘X’ in the corner of each of the icons. Simply tap the ‘X’ to delete. Notice that not all icons display an ‘X’, these cannot be deleted.

Step 3:

A dialog box will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete the app. Click ‘Delete’ to confirm. To stop the icons from jiggling, simply press the home button on the device.

Keep in mind that removing from the device doesn’t delete the app from your iTunes library. It can be easily re-installed on your device if you sync it with iTunes at a later time.

Delete an app directly from your iTunes Account:

Step 1:

Open iTunes.

Step 2:

From the Library pop-up menu, choose Apps.

Step 3:

Click the app you want to delete.

Step 4:

Press Delete on your keyboard.


Deleting Apps from Android Mobile devices:

Since I don’t have first-hand experience with Android devices, here’s a link to instructions for deleting apps from Android:

How Do I Delete Applications from My Android Device?