Messenger Use Guide For Kids

Kik Messenger It is an app used by youth and also kids for chatting across a range of places, for example, it can be used to chat in within a certain country.

Disadvantages of kik messenger

What i have discovered is that kik messenger is used by a group of people in one chat room thus nude pictures could be sent endengering the kids safety in kik messenger.

Secondly people with other intrests such as murder might lower others by cheating to them that there might be a party at a certain place and take that advantage thus endengering the kids safety,kik messenger.

Thirdly,they say that a person cant send someone a nude pic or video unless they know your username,it is quite easy to guess some names and find thousands of matches and choose one of them and they become your target thus endengaring the kids safety,kik messenger.

Fourth,there various ways of advertising kik messenger on social media even if you have restricted your child from using kik messenger such as face book, instagram, twitter where one could publicize their username by tagging their photos with their user names thus endengering their kids safety, kik messenger.

Fifth,the disadvantage of kik is that people could use the app to insult others like the politicians ,singers,actors and popular businessmen by spreading bad rumors about them and if that actor or singer dicides to sue you in court it is easier to be caught thus the children using this app are at risk of arrest thus the kids safety, kik messenger are in danger and the app owners might loose their bussiness.

Advantages of kik messenger

First,one can block or report the person one does not want to chat with or seems to be a persuasive fella, thus the safety of your kids in kik messenger is protected.

Secondly,a parent can prevent the child from downloading kik messenger by adjusting app rating restrictions and your childred safety is protected.

Thirdly,as kik messenger is used in group chats it can promote projects among students from one school ,discussion of homework which improves the child ability to think, can promote work discussions for the youth and also good relationships which might help them in the future thus your children safety is protected.

Fourthly,kik messenger can be used to spread out news of attacks in the neibourhood or weather attacks near by which can be use full because it can save life and prevent damage.


One can block, report or even assume a persuasive person. A parent can put restricting measures on his or her children phone to avoid downloading the kik app. The app owners can set the app to only send messeges from one individual to another and bloke group chats but that might ruin the bussiness. Some parents employ a private cyber company to look out of how their children use the internet like kik messenger or how they are treated by others on the internet. A law may be passed that other apps stop advertising other apps through tagging and such ensuring the childrens safety, Kik messenger.

It is an app used by youth and also kids for chatting across a range of places, for example, it can be used to chat in within a certain country.