Kids Safety On Instagram-parental Guide

The widespread use of social medial platforms such as Instagram by teenagers cannot be ignored by parents of this generation. As much as Instagram has age policy to only allow use by those above 13 years, they have no mechanism to tell if the person signing up with them has falsified their age. It is therefore the responsibility of the parent to ensure their underage kid do not join Instagram.

Instagram enables teens and other users to share their experiences with friends and families through videos an photos. However, the kids may also be exposed to inappropriate content which promote the use of alcohol and abuse of drugs. There may also be sexual content. There are also hackers, kidnappers and bullies. It is important to to ensure kids safety on Instagram.

Some of the ways of ensuring kids safety while using Instagram include:


Before you allow your kid to join Instagram, it is important that you talk to them about the importance of their privacy in keeping them away from harm of those they do not know. Put the privacy settings is such a way that they have to approve those who may have access to their photos and videos. This is to ensure they do not allow access by unauthorized persons who may end up writing nasty comments.
It is also important to have a very secure password to shield their account from being hacked by people who may post inappropriate content on their profile.


It is important that the kids’ profiles are not public such that it can be seen by everyone. This is meant to shield your kid from being reached by people who may harm to them. Talk to them so that they have a profile picture that is not their own. They can opt for an image of a flower or a building. They may also use a name only known to their close friends and family.
They should not put their contacts on their profile. This prevents kidnappers from reaching them


Location settings enables them to tell where a certain photo was taken. It is important to disable this capability. This is because, it may make it easier for those who may mean harm to your kids to get where they are easily. You do not want to run into such risks with your kids. The kids should also post only proper content.


Remember those you follow have all the information on your profile. It is important to advice your kids to follow only those well known to them. People give false information on these platforms and they may end up following criminals using the profile of a teenager. They should also allow only those they know to follow them
This also shields them from having age inappropriate content popping up on their profiles as a result of following or being followed by bad people. it is also important to monitor those who your kids follow and follow them for their safety.