Is Pinterest Okay for Your Kids?

Pinterest is an app and a digital pin-board site. Many people across various age groups are increasingly signing up for Pinterest to share, categorize and save images and ideas from around the web.It is estimated that there are over 70 million users of Pinterest worldwide. About 60% of the users are from the USA with further about 4% of the US users being between 14 to 17 years of age.

The posts or images are referred to as “pins” and they can be saved in your folder, popularly referred to as “boards”. These ideas collected and pinned can be used in projects or interests, whether in cooking, fashion, drawing or photography.That is definitely one of the biggest benefits of Pinterest. That is, it spurs creativity, the source of inspiration, in people apart from having the ability to entertain and inform.

Some of the popular categories in Pinterest include;

I. Women’s fashion

II. Crafts

III. Home décor

IV. Food and drink

Creating a Pinterest account is as easy as 1, 2 & 3.The age of restriction is 13+. You can create an account by either using your Facebook account or email account and you can also either use your nickname or real name. One thing that must be known is that those accounts that have real names can be found online when searched by Google or any other search engines. And that may be dangerous to your kids as employers and colleges can search and see the type of images pinned by your kid.

After registering an account, it is possible for users to connect with other email accounts,twitter, Google+ and Facebook accounts.

Safety of Pinterest

Kids safety should be a worry to any parent whose kid is on Pinterest like any other online site.That is because there have been various cases where the good side of the site is abused. I am not talking about cyber bullying or just normal abuse. There are instances when kids safety is compromised when the Pinterest site has links to other sites which may contain adult or inappropriate content. You know how inquisitive children are, if they find a link, especially to Tumblr, they will definitely search for it. Apart from the links that may contain inappropriate content in other sites, there are also images which may contain mature content.

Privacy settings

It is important that parents and for Kids safety that one knows that there is the privacy feature for limiting the people who have access to images you pin in your board. For personal pins, you can limit the privacy setting to private. Private in terms of only accessible to you or those you have chosen. Additionally, for kids not to be exposed to inappropriate content, it is important that all of your followers approved are known to you personally. Strangers often have this peculiar way of getting us in trouble.

One other great way to remain private with your pinned contents is to choose a unique name that is not your real name. It will therefore become harder to be searched and found through search engines.

Lastly, apart from the images posted that can affect a Kids safety, Pinterest still remains a great platform that one can use to greatly improve your reputation online. Photos or images concerned with volunteer activities, food, helpful ideas, travel, interests, and funny quotes are greatly encouraged for pinning. With that there will be no reason to use a fake or unique user name. Anybody that searches your real name online will find only appropriate and useful content connected to your account.