It’s OK for your teen to be online?

The world keeps changing at a very fast rate and the way things are done has also changed.The teenagers of today are spending most of their time online compared to their counterparts in the yester years.

While before teenagers would write letters or physically present themselves to the person they had an interest on,today they meet online, date online and only meet physically after chatting for a time.This method has advantages and disadvantages and teenagers should be made aware of both.


It is easy to meet different people from different places and backgrounds compared to before when one would only meet people in your circle.
Its a nice platform for people who are shy or find it difficult to express themselves to actually get the courage to air out their feelings behind the security of a screen
It saves a lot of time and money you would have spent at restaurants during dates.
Its easy to sift through different people and find the one you are compatible with by looking at their hobbies or interests.


Online platforms are sometimes filled with creepy shady characters who may not have good intentions and teenagers should therefore be extra careful before agreeing to meet them or giving them personal information.
Most of the people you meet online may live far away from you and this makes it impossible to meet if you can’t afford it.
The amount of time a teen spends online could be used to actually make real relationships with people who are close by and give them the courage to mingle and become more comfortable speaking up.
Spending time online also uses a lot of money on data that should have been used to buy other stuff like groceries.
Teens have a lot of energy and intelligence that if harnessed properly, can be used for the greater good of the home or community if only they could lift their heads from the phone.
As much as the world is getting more connected and more things being done online,a parent should encourage their teen to switch off the laptops and smartphones and actually have a conversation with people.they should also be encouraged to stay active by doing duties like cleaning up the house,help in grocery shopping,clean the yard or even walking the dog.The more time a teen spends online,the more they become inactive and are likely to get obese.encourage them to be more active by playing sports for example.