Parents of Young Children: Put Down Your Smartphones

The parents of the new generation are different from parents of previous generations. They are constantly connected through technology and would find it difficult to separate from their smartphones. The use of smartphones is necessary to keep a tab on your family and professional life. It has become a habit which can hurt your children by affecting their ability to learn.

Methods To Enhance The Communication Skills Of Your Child

While you are taking enough time to see that your children are taken care off and have right food to eat and right vaccines, improving their communication skills and social development is equally important. The children will develop their communication and social skills by observing their parents.The time you spend talking and reading with your child is lost when you are on a smartphone.

You can use following ways to improve the communication skills of your child:

Play Conventional Games: In the era of PC games, traditional kiddie games like peekaboo, hide and seek and Itsy Bitsy Spider seems to have been forgotten. They are an essential part of conversation and bonding with your children. They would involve free movement of hands and legs which is essential to building social and interactive skills.

Try To Have Common Focus: It allows you to engage in “joint attention”. When you share a toy or a book with your child, he is able to understand the importance of respecting the opinions of different people. It is a necessary for language development. If you are on your smartphone, you will not be able to focus on same points as your child do.

Engage In Non-Verbal Messaging: While many parents like to communicate with their children through a smartphone, non-verbal communication is equally important. Making facial expressions and having eye contact allows a child to understand a different kind of emotions. This skill is essential as they help children in understanding the intent of people as they grow up. If you are concentrating on your smartphone, then you will find it difficult to send them the right message.

Some Tips For Tech-Loaded Parents

Smartphones are meant to make our lives easier and there use is necessary. However, overuse of technology is very common and it can impact healthy family life. It is necessary to restrict the use of your smartphone and other handheld devices when you are spending quality time with your family.

Here are few tips:

Designate daily routine for tech-free interaction: Try to have a daily schedule where few hours are free from the use of the technology. It can be bedtime of your child or it can be dinner-time. You can also create tech-free rooms in your home so that family can spend some quality time together.

Have regular tech-free outings: Take your children to a zoo or for a splash in the pool. You can either spend time with your children or spend your time clicking photos for Instagram. It is necessary to keep those memories in forms of photos and videos but try to choose few outings where you can actually cherish your family outings.

Try to use technology in an interactive away and for educational purposes. You can play a quiz with your child with the help of your smartphone.

The development of a child is linked to the interaction with his parents. The first three years are crucial as brain development usually takes place in this time. The development of strong communication and social skills is vital for any child and it can be done through constant verbal and non-verbal interaction between parents and their children.